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Geisha Culture and Arts for Use at

Amatsu Okiya in Second Life


Performing as a maiko or geisha requires a few basic pieces of equipment... a dance HUD or some choice geisha dances, fans, parasols, musical instruments, a repetoire of haiku, poems, stories, plays, some props and the ability to pretend and imagine.

Dance: The maiko or geisha who performs a dance creates an illusion of grace and beauty for her patrons. She portrays the perfection of beauty in delicate and simple steps. Never are the steps outrageously grandiose like large kicks. The small movements of steps, bending of knees, gentle turns and movements of the fans are reminiscent of the loveliness of nature....a gentle breeze, a soft snowfall, the dancing blossoms of the sakura tree upon the wind. Some club dances - non-geisha dances do work nicely with fans... you just have to try them out and choose the ones that denote "iki".

Dress is important.. when dancing with 3 or looks best to have all the same kimono. If you look at videos of traditional geisha dancers it is typical for them to wear the same.

Line up: when dancing with others... begin by facing the front of the stage squarely on. Nothing looks worse then to have the line not straight and neat to begin with. This is barring the SL imps of lag of course. We cannot control that. Whoever is wearing the HUD should stay in the same dance groove until all are dancing. Only then should the dance groove be changed. This will create the neatest looking performance and line-up. In addition, do not change dances too quickly. Aim for a fluid, unhurried style and performance.

Music: As we use the instruments that are available to us in SecondLife, we can learn the various songs and pair them with the steps in the dance HUDS to choreograph to the music. It takes a little doing but as you practice you can create your own unique style instead of relying on the random movements associated with the dance HUD. As you play each of the songs on your instrument take some time to get to know the piece. How does it make you feel? What pictures does it generate in your mind? How might you express this to your patrons to give them the same illusion of beauty and feeling?

So an example: if the music makes you think of a pathway in the forest... You might say something about that in your chat.

"/me plays a song of quiet pathways through deep,cool forests, hearing the soft babbling sounds of the brook..." Take your patrons to that wonderful "some other place" where they can enjoy a special time of imagination in the playground of their minds.

Flirting is interaction between two people that expresses a romantic interest. It consists of conversation, body language or brief physical contact. It can be given through chat in a teasing manner or through emoting the glances or other body movements that would convey such a message. Using double entendres is a fun way for a maiko or geisha to flirt with her patrons. A double entendres is where one uses a statement with one meaning that is formally appropriate and another that is more suggestive. Be creative.

Here are some suggestions for "flirting" language:

Eye contact: stealing meaningful glances with the handsome samurai over the top of her fan

Touching ones hair or gliding a finger across ones soft lips

Casual touches: she sat close to him briefly allowing her thigh to graze his before giggling and moving slightly away

Smiles suggestively



Coyness - a wonderful and appropriate tool... *she lowered her eyes not daring to look him in the face in order to show respect - and blushed at how close he was to her

Stories and poems

People love stories and poems in second life...remember in our Minarai lesson about communication where we talked about great topics that are mutally enjoyed by both sexes....

Stories of romance

Ghost and mystery stories

Lovely poems that take people away into beauty of nature and seasons


Think about your story and possible props or effects to add interest and make a unique performance.

Teahouse Duties


1. Participate in an Amatsu Performance

2. Plan and provide entertainment in one of the Amatsu Shima Teahouses or an external event with other Amatsu Okiya participants. You can entertain for 30 min to 1 hour, ask one of the geisha to announce the date and time via the Island announcements. Review your plan with your oneesan or Okasan prior to making the arrangements. Be sure to place a donation sign up for you as well as ensure there is one up for the okiya as well.

Please obtain permission before proceeding

to the next lesson

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