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Welcome to and an opportunity to learn a little about geisha or geiko, their history, culture and the arts.

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Thank you for your patience and interest in this enticing world of Geisha!

About Us

Konnichiwa! Welcome to

This site can be used by interested persons as a foundation for geisha training in SecondLife, an online community, or if you are just interested in the flower world.

The intent of Geishagold is to offer a taste of information about Geisha life and culture. In a most humble way we hope our presentation honors the work of professionals who were and are true geisha or geiko.

**This website is not meant to substitute for real geisha training or to be all inclusive of information. Much of the information here has been gathered from books and other sites online. Credit is given on the appropriate pages. Other content is my own. Please notify me if you wish to use any of the information here. 

I may be reached in SecondLife by sending me a notecard addressed to Suzanne Logan, aka Geisha Masami, Okaasan of Amatsu Okiya. 

How to Navigate This Website

Please see the chapter headings at the top of this page just under our banner.Let's take a moment to review these. Be aware that the site is dynamic and updates may be applied!

Lessons are under rank headings like: Shikomi Lessons, Minarai Lessons, Maiko Lessons. The rank of Geisha or Geiko for the purposes of Amatsu Okiya, is earned upon successful completion of lessons and for those of you in SecondLife, recommendations for graduation. Participation in events is factored in for your success.

Class discussions and literary contributions are "cleaned up" to keep current.