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Geisha Culture and Arts for Use at

Amatsu Okiya in Second Life

Corwyn Allen (author permission)

For the Amatsu Okiya 1 year Anniversary 3/2/08

1. A Tanka

What is it calls me

The moon and sun rise and set

Birds near the teahouse

Gentle is the song they sing

Lovely as a Geisha's dance

2. A Tanka

Sitting at sunset

The scent of tea on the breeze

The biwa singing

Fans move gently through the air

As the Geisha sings her song

3. A Haiku

Soft rustle of silk

A Geisha gently kneeling

Smile hides behind fan

4. A Tanka

Snow white with black stripes

The Tigress guarding her cubs

Sits under a tree

And those who come to this place

Are under her watchful gaze

5. A Haiku

Teahouse remembrance

Music playing in my mind

Brings a peaceful smile

6. A Haiku

Graduation time

The san san kudo honors

A Maiko's hard work

4/18/09 Winner: ShinTao Haiku Retreat

Our own Inarra Onmura submitted the winning haiku. She has been kind enough to allow us to post it here:


Zen meditation

I must try to concentrate

But the mosquito!

~inarra onmura

Nicely done!!!

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