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Geisha Culture and Arts for Use at

Amatsu Okiya in Second Life


The misedashi is a celebration of graduation, heralding a new star on the way to becoming geisha. A minarai is to watch, listen, learn, practice, work hard at adapting to cultural expectations and change. One day she is ready to be announced and celebrated as a maiko. This is done through much fanfare at her misedashi.

In Amatsu Okiya, the minarai are coached in what to wear for dress, makeup and hair. They also learn to plan and rehearse for the expectation is a recital that demonstrates their abilities. They may invite their friends and as many as can fit into the great room of the okiya where these wonderful events are held.

Following their announcement as maiko, there is time for eating and drinking, presents and congratulations all around.

Warning....Okaasan usually cries at all misedashi - hand her a tissue if she has lost her own.

"She paints her face to hide her face. Her eyes are deep water. It is not for Geisha to want. It is not for geisha to feel. Geisha is an artist of the floating world. She dances, she sings. She entertains you, whatever you want. The rest is shadows, the rest is secret." Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden


1. White make-up - do you remember what this is called?

2. Maiko hair - warenshinobu - the traditional maiko style with kanzashi according to the month of the year you are scheduling your misedashi

3. Kimono - Black background with colorful embroidery and patterns

4. Shoes - zori or okobo - however when inside these will be off and you will wear tabi (no bare feet)

5. Accessories that fit your program if needed: fans, parasol, etc.


The program you choose to prevent is really between you and your Okaasan or Oneesan. Okaasan gives final approval.

The program can be:

- Educational or entertainment, an original story or series of poems, or even a play, you could play an instrument and along with that give an educational presentation or history of the instrument of choice.

- If you need help with creating posters or backdrops, stage decorations, just ask - there are others in the okiya with a lot of experience with photoshop and materials. No need to buy anything unless it is something you would like to own for future events. (be aware of prims and scripts - if you need help please ask!) 

To san san kudo or not to san san kudo - you may have this ceremony in private or as a part of your Misedashi. (typically though this is a private ceremony)


This event planning checklist that can be used for any event. You may use this, for instance to prepare for your misedashi and future festival or event programs.

1. Concept development- what is it /theme

2. Location Reservation - confirm that space is available on the day

3. Dates -check for personnel availability ( Important)

you'll need performers plus a few people to be greeters, and helpers.

4. Budget- there is none, be sure to ask about any spending before hand

5. Poster- create poster , put notecard inside poster (ask for help with this)

6 Notecard should include an Invitation with Landmark

7. Distribute invitations and posters,

8. Announcements-in world

9. SL- Community Events Calendar posting

10. Group announcements- do one week ahead, then follow up with additional the day before, 3, hrs, before, 1 hour before

11. Organize Food, drinks, tables to use.

12. If a dance, select and prepare

13. Music for dancing- ? sim stream, live, dj- confirm, - Determine who, how it will get set up

14. Day before-Set aside 2-3 hours to do location set up, to place cushions, table chairs , food drink etc.


Performance details: (if you are including others) it is good to do this very detailed.- so the performers know exactly what to do.

15 Script development and in notecard

16.Script testing and revisions ( change notecard title, with new ver .....XXXX.ver1, ver 2

17.Rehearsals ( at least two)

18.Confirm participants, a week ahead, then 1-2 days ahead

19.Reconfirm participants


20.Costumes, Kimonos and Fans?

If making new ones... or getting them, make sure there is a clear understanding about cost/expectations to be paid



22.Donation Board/ Jar

23. Stage sets in place

24. Check placements


26. Clean up

27. Remove all


  1. Complete your final examination
  2. Decide what you will do for your Misedashi and determine date and time
  3. Use the planning note card to work on your event and ask for help along the way
  4. Verify that you have everything you will need to participate in the misedashi (hair, makeup, kimono, shoes)
  5. Know how to change your title in the group page
  6. Know how to use the dance HUD and square up with the stage before you being dancing
  7. Know how to welcome your guests and make them comfortable
  8. Know how to mingle
  9. Remember to send thank you notes to those who give you gifts for your Misedashi
  10. Know how to set up your advertising sign in the Okiya - have your Maiko picture ready ahead of time.

Omedeto! Congratulations on your accomplishments so far!